About Display

Comprehensive & Transparent RTB Display

At Kinetic Social we help brands reach audiences on social networks, and throughout the digital landscape. Accessing over 6 Billion daily web impressions on mobile alone, we combine our social expertise with video, display, and mobile executions to connect your brand and consumers across the open web. Our approach is not just about running ads. We find your audience and serve them the right message at the right time – in the right place.

The Kinetic Social Strategy

Leveraging our social learnings from the Kinetic Social Platform, we apply sentiment knowledge to eliminate arbitrary delivery through every step of the display and mobile campaign process. Layering this data around your advertising goals allows for greater campaign refinement, providing increased relevancy to how and where your ad is appearing. Here are some of the tools:

  • Keyword Targeting: We look at the words within the content on a webpage and harness that data to create a customized interest bucket to serve your ad to users, for maximum relevancy and impact.
  • Kinetic Compass: Unify your social and display campaigns by identifying your top performing social posts and apply ad content to the larger digital sphere including mobile and display.

Suggested Offerings

  • Social Display: Feature your brand’s social content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram across the open web. Deliver social ads on websites featuring relevant content to highlight your brand’s top performing social messages for greater reach.
  • Video: Pre-roll video ads combined with companion banner advertising serves your message in a holistic way at the right time and in the right place.
  • Cross Channel: Advertise in-feed with our cross channel capability, allowing for seamless integration of programmatic content that harmonizes the mutli-screen experience across mobile and display opportunities.

Eliminate arbitrary delivery by layering on Kinetic Social learnings.