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Our Latest Obsessions

The stories we're feeling pretty jazzed about this week.


Fun Friday: Kinetic Attends the Facebook Global Partner Summit!


Will Consumers Skip Out on Black Friday This Year?

Introducing Pinterest Ad Groups

Social Perspective

It’s a techy world out there. Get the human angle on the latest social platform news.


WWD Says It’s Time to “Get Real” with Pinterest Advertising


Twitter and Pepsi Pair Up to Debut Promoted #Stickers


Bring Your Brand Story to Life with Pinterest Promoted Video

How We Work

A peek behind the curtain at how we wield some of the best technology in the business.


Upgrades to Kinetic Social’s Report Tool

Kinetic Social Gets CPA 29% Below FinServ Provider’s Goal

Kinetic Social’s Q2 2016 Social Trends Data Report

Social 101

Because no one is born knowing how to run a social campaign - best practices powering our success.

Introducing Pinterest Ad Groups

Gaming is key for Comic-Con and HBO’s Westwood. What will this mean for the holidays?

Startup Stock Photo

Reporting Enhancements

Kinetic Culture

Work Smart. Play Hard. Be Great. Check us out.


Fun Friday: Kinetic Squads Up at NY Comic Con! #NYCC


Meet the Team Monday: Alexus, Campaign Manager


Recap: Kinetic Summer 2016

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