We don’t just have the best technology;
we have the vision and experience to wield it.

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We create social solutions for marketers across channels.

At Kinetic, we take the time to get to know you and really understand your business, goals and challenges.
Together, we identify the personal service and technology that best meets your needs. Thoughtfully designed for brand marketers and creative agencies, our intuitive technology fits seamlessly into your workflow. Here’s to making your day a little smoother, and your campaign a whole lot stronger!


Strategic Services

Turnkey solutions for your social campaigns.

Managed Service

Superior service. Performance that rises above the competition.

Platform Service

The social marketing self serve platform, co-created with marketers like you.


Reporting Suite

Beautiful reports illuminate what really matters.

Multivariate Testing Suite

Say sayonara to spreadsheets!

Creative Management Suite

Creative was never meant to be complicated.

Audience Management Suite

Finding new people who want to hear more about you.

Planning Suite

Start by putting people at the center.

Open Web Solutions

Building brands beyond social channels.

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