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How We Smash Social Goals

We drive business results that actually matter.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Attract users to your website like bees to honey. We produce clickable content that generates views, shares, and traffic, and ultimately, conversion opportunities. Using quality content, we turn casual users into crazed fans and followers.

Increase Conversions

Interact with customers in meaningful ways and increase your chances of converting. We build a connection between buyer and brand. Not only do engaged customers buy more, they promote more – they are your greatest ambassadors in the market.

Engage Your Customers

In a digitised age, customers want to get a human response. A social media agency like ours understands this. We send out personal, carefully thought out messages that spark conversation using a voice that reflects your brand personality.

Unleash Your Greatness

Social Media Solutions to Grow Your Business

Data-driven social media services. Share-worthy content. Measurable results. Here at Kinetic Social, we provide social media marketing that takes your brand to a whole new level.. We help you build the kind of relationships that matter with your audience.

Social Media Strategy

Come up with an actionable strategy with measurable objectives. Working with a social media consultant helps you define the ways through which you’ll communicate with customers. We use data and consumer insights to formulate groundbreaking strategies.

Social Media Management

Your time is limited, but social never sleeps. Stay sane, and say on top of your social media game. Kinetic takes care of the finer details of producing, scheduling, engaging, and analysing content so you won’t have to.

Social Media Advertising

Place your strongest offer on the strongest medium. Reach the right person at the right time with our social media services. Our targeted, data-based approach to advertising helps stretch your ad dollars and keep the conversions coming in.

Social Media Content

Content is still king, and Kinetic knows it. That’s why our in-house team of social media experts generates unique and compelling content to capture your customers’ interest. Content generation has never been this easy.

Our social media campaign which included Facebook ads, Facebook applications and content creation, was able to drive the growth and engagement of our Facebook activity which helped us increase our new member sign ups by 30%.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A social media agency creates an engaging social media profile for your brand. This involves taking charge of your social media campaigns to help you achieve your business goals.

Their areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, strategy, content creation, publishing, management, analytics, and advertising.

An agency will assess your social media presence and objectives before platting an effective strategy. They monitor campaigns and report back on their findings.

Should there be any problems or weaknesses in the campaign, the agency will adjust their strategy to increase your chances of success.  

Social media is a full-time commitment that demands constant updates and active engagement. Doing it all on your own cuts into your time and profits, especially if you’re losing money on ads that don’t convert or add value to your brand.

Having a team that is dedicated to strategizing, executing, and monitoring your social media campaigns allows you to maximize your budget. It also lets you tap into the vast resources at their disposal, which include image libraries, analytical tools, scheduling tools, reporting platforms, customer relationship management software, and more.

Your agency should give you enough insight into how well your brand is doing on social media. Not only must they have a clear, actionable strategy in place, they must also track campaigns and find effective ways of reporting back.

They should also know what kind of content performs best on which platform, and at what time, so that you can discern where you should allocate the lion’s share of your time and budget.

Most importantly, they must have a deep knowledge and understanding of your brand. This requires a certain level of investment in your success. 

When choosing an agency, you want to work with a company that has a proven track record. Find an agency that has a strong portfolio, glowing reviews, and recommendations from fervent followers.

Take a good look at their numbers – how many projects, campaigns, and social media posts have they worked on to date, and are these figures commensurate to their years in the business? How many of their projects are from returning clients?

It’s also important to choose an agency that makes an impact. To measure impact, agencies must be able to track and analyze their social media campaigns. Review their case studies and on-going campaigns.

When choosing between several agencies, throw them these questions during the vetting process to get a better idea of how they’ll perform:

  • What key metrics does you agency use to evaluate the work you do with clients?
  • How does my business stack up against previous clients when it comes to production needs?
  • How do you handle client communication and collaboration?
  • What is your reporting style, and how frequently can we expect to receive reports?
  • Who will be managing my account, and how did their previous clients fare?

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