Driving Consumers From Screen to Store With Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads

Driving Consumers From Screen to Store With Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads

If you see a Facebook ad you like, do you click on it? If your answer is no, you’re not alone.

In fact, Facebook reports that most people who go on to purchase products in person never clicked on the original ad that convinced them to stop by in the first place. And just like that, Local Awareness advertising was born.

The magic formula for local awareness advertising is awareness à foot traffic à in-store sales. In other words, get the customer from the screen, to the store, and finally to the sale.

Ideal for small businesses and local franchises, as well as multi-store chains, local awareness advertising uses population density metrics to find people living in or visiting the desired area, to then target them with the ad.

Metrics are fine-tuned using the current city on Facebook profiles, IP addresses, and location data from mobile devices. Each business location defaults to a target audience of 50,000 people per location, but the radius can be modified.

Targeted advertising is not a new phenomenon, but adding location into the digital mix can have huge benefits. It’s not just demographics, it’s also geographics!

Rallying the local community can reap great rewards for targeted locations, especially when supporting a new store opening or to boost sales at a specific store. It’s another great tool for advertisers to take advantage of.

Call-to-action buttons on the ad simplify the user experience. Options include:

  • Learn More: Directs to the client website
  • Send Message: Messages the business directly
  • Call Now: Calls the business directly
  • Get Directions: Directs to the business in person
  • Map card with your page location: Shows stores included in your campaign on Facebook’s mobile app

To track performance and manage promotions in real time, users can go to Notifications > Local Awareness Ad Results, or Ads Manager.