Facebook Lead Ads Advance via Video & More

Facebook Lead Ads Advance via Video & More

Even if a brand knows exactly where their target audience spends time, getting their attention and then building trust is the first step to success. That process starts with generating leads.

As we’ve reported, Facebook Lead Ads work to optimize conversion by bringing potential customers ‘under the tent’ so advertisers can then reinforce a message.

This prospecting tool, streamlines lead generation by using conveniently pre-populated data, so that a call-to-action button can link a brand with user information in a simple click.

Until last summer, this feature was only available for B2B marketing. But after a few months of testing B2C campaigns, results were promising: high-end shoe brand Stuart Weitzman boasted a 52% decrease in CPL with lead ads compared to other units.

Now, on the heels of updates announced earlier this year (e.g. Carousel ad format, expansion to desktop, etc.), the social giant has debuted brand new features for Lead Ads, including the ability to duplicate and more customizeable forms:

Save time with duplicate forms.

In order to save time and effort, advertisers can now duplicate lead ad forms and edit specific fields across ad sets and campaigns. For example, if an advertiser is running a global lead ad campaign that requires specific questions for each market, they can copy an existing lead ad form and make edits to the form fields, instead of having to manually re-enter the information into each form.

Look for new CRM partners.

Businesses can get the most out of lead ads with customer relationship management integration. New companies that integrate CRM with lead ads include Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, Sparkroom and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Plus Zapier and MailChimp can now automatically add Facebook leads to advertisers’ MailChimp lists. See a list of current lead ad CRM partners and integration instructions.

Create more captivating lead ads with video.

Video is a powerful way to engage people and convey your message, and now it can be used with lead ads. Video lead ads function in the same way as lead ads with photos. When people click on the call-to-action button below the video, they’ll be directed to the lead ad form.

Make customizable disclaimers.

Advertisers now have more customization options in the disclaimer portion of their lead ad form. The disclaimer title is now customizable, and the disclaimer text supports hyperlinks.

Advertisers can also include a checkbox requiring people to give permission to share their information, useful for advertisers in countries where double opt-in may be required, like Canada, Germany, Turkey, and Japan.

The eyes of brand, account and campaign managers alike will be on this ever-evolving tool as Facebook opens more roads to over a billion users.