Pinterest Ads Manager Opens Access to SMBs

Pinterest Ads Manager Opens Access to SMBs

Pinterest is arguably the most retail-oriented of all the leading social media platforms. As such, its relationship with retail brands is among its most important.

As we reported, its new targeting tools made that abundantly clear to the industry: in adding detailed interest targeting to its CRM—and changing “term targeting” (delivering outside home and category feeds) to “keyword targeting” (delivering in search and related pins)—the network transcended the ranks and became a more serious competitor to platforms like Facebook, as Tim Kendall announced on their blog:

Interest targeting – We know more about our audience’s interests than any other platform, which is why we’re offering targeting against more than 420 interests (up from 30 previously), including healthy recipes, street style, baby gear and even sustainable architecture.

These interests reflect what people want to explore now and engage with in the future—not something they happened to browse last month or a pastime they were interested in years ago.

Keyword targeting – Pinterest search is different: Pinners explore in a consideration mindset, open to new ideas for things to do in the future (compared to other search platforms, where you already know what you’re looking for).

We have made keyword targeting more precise and relevant, enabling partners to reach Pinners more effectively when they search.

Now, in addition to those new options, small- and medium-sized businesses have access to the Pinterest Ads Manager. This will allow these brands, as SocialTimes points out, “to schedule Promoted Pins with just a credit card.”

The most active users are more than just consumers for these companies—they’re fans, and now businesses with even the most niche of followings will be able to control the creation, management and success-tracking of their Promoted Pins.

For smaller names, the DIY style of the Ads Manager is a perfect fit: it includes “a bulk editor, so businesses can manage more campaigns at once, and advanced measurement.”

Ultimately, access like this should spell success for these businesses—Pinners who saw Promoted Pins have “had 40% greater awareness of new products and 50% higher purchase intent,” and “advertisers who use the Pinterest Ads Manager received an average of 20% more (free) clicks* in the month after the start of a Promoted Pins campaign.”

*Since July 2015 for advertisers spending a minimum of $1/day