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Preshafruit came to us wanting to activate and engage their younger Gen Y audience.

They’re objective was to create a campaign that activated their audience and encouraged new product trials to create brand advocates.

Goal: Activate Gen Y

Preshafruit wanted to extend its reach and promote its nutritional juices to the younger generation using social media. Keys to success were building an audience on social media and gaining trial of their juices.

Solution: University Social Media Campaign

We filled a van with 900+ Preshafruit bottles and created an activation campaign during “O week” at Swinburne University. All students had to do to receive a bottle of Preshafruit was to jump on their phones and ‘like’ the Preshafruit Facebook page. This not only built their Facebook audience, it created almost 1000 product trials, positive brand experiences and a ton of viral word of mouth and social activity.

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