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Footwear Brand Dips Their Toes into Twitter Advertising


The Challenge

This footwear brand is well-known for designing comfortable, wearable shoes for all ages. After almost 15 years, they have grown their domestic and international following to become an instantly recognizable brand. Seeking to test Twitter and continue that growth, they worked with Kinetic Social on a ten-day Mother’s Day campaign that featured a contest, #momsdayoff. To win, users followed the brand’s page and Tweeted a hashtagged photo of themselves wearing the product. The contest targeted people between the ages of 18-54.

The Strategy

Twitter was a great platform choice for this initiative because it is well-suited to real time engagement, allowing the brand to effectively gauge widespread interaction in the ten-day period. The overarching campaign strategy leveraged Summary Cards with a combination of curated broad keyword targeting, demo targeting, and relevant hashtags to hit the brand’s target audience.
Summary Cards: Feature a large, full-width prominent image alongside a Tweet. It is designed to give the reader a rich photo experience, and clicking on the image brings the user to your website.
Broad Keyword Targeting: Compatible to Facebook Interest Targeting, this targets a range of word categories to find relevant users to those subjects. For example, in this case, any hashtags related to mother’s day were used across the US.
Demo Targeting: (Demographic Targeting) segments the targeted audience into more specific groups, such as gender, age, and location.
Keyword Targeting: Particularly useful during cultural, seasonal, or industry events that relate to your business, Tweets show up when users search for or tweet about topics related to your business. Campaigns can be customized, but appear in both search and timeline.
Having worked with this advertiser before, the strategy team was able to leverage insights built over time to develop high-performing targeting buckets for this initiative. The campaign also leveraged influencer posts featuring fashion bloggers wearing the brand’s footwear, which were provided by the client.
Kinetic’s Social Assets Manager (SAM) stored all the creatives used, a helicopter view and a hub of the campaign. Our sophisticated reporting tool provided transparency to track all running creatives’ performance, and correctly allocated associated spending costs. With this tool, our campaign managers were able to optimize towards the best-performing assets seamlessly.

The Roundup


Click-Through Rate


Engagement Rate




Kinetic’s platform makes it easy to extract insights from a campaign to help with creative strategy and future campaign executions. Given the short flight and brand’s first-time presence on Twitter’s platform, performance was strong. The footwear brand saw an excellent ER (Engagement Rate) of 2.79% meeting Twitter’s benchmarks of 2%-3%, and 2.72% CTR (Click Through Rate). The campaign was further able to generate 2.4M+ impressions and 66K+ clicks! SAM was a huge asset, helping our campaign optimize maximum performance. The campaign targeted both men and women, and surprisingly the male demo had a higher engagement rate: 2.6% for women and 3.4% for men.

As an added performance bonus, because contest entry required users to follow the brand on Twitter, the client acquired over 100 new followers during the campaign. The primary focus was engagement, however, and the footwear brand was extremely pleased with the test. They will expand their presence on Twitter, particularly with the use of influencer content.