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New Ways to Archive on Instagram

To say Instagram has grown would be an understatement. At 700 million monthly users, the number has grown by an estimated 100 million this year alone. As the platform expands its audience, a suite of services continues to be offered. The latest? Instagram Archive.

One of Instagram’s merits is its ability to disseminate a wide array of photo content. The launch of the Carousel and Layout apps within Instagram allows the user to include multiple photos, resulting in even more optionality. When it comes to hashtagging, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. But with the huge amount of content, what happens when you’ve got a case of content overload?

That’s where the Instagram Archive comes in. Still in testing, the option is designed to keep things organized. Instead of deleting a post with less likes, it goes into the newly labeled Archive section, only visible to the user.

Image via Technobuffalo

The Archive was featured in TechCrunch, but is not yet available to all users. When it becomes public, it will be one of the options under “…” to the right of each posted image. Visibility can be restored using the same “…” feature from the Archive folder.

TechCrunch also noted the similarity to Snapchat’s Memories section, but it makes sense with the longstanding archiving choices on Facebook. As Instagram continues to grow, some of the older images need a home. And while they may be off the feed, but they won’t be gone forever.