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Find the latest stats in our Holiday 2017 infograph

Making that list and checking it twice?

As the sun sets on the final days of summer, marketers are ramping up their advertising spend to build brand awareness for the busy holiday season. The US economy has been robust up to this point with the stock market reaching new highs and low unemployment spurring an increase in consumer spending. A recent Deloitte forecast estimates retail sales will rise 4-4.5% and E-com sales will increase 18-21%, while the latest eMarketer “US Holiday Shopping 2017” report estimates that holiday sales will exceed $920 billion.

Creating a Q4 plan can be challenging as shoppers increasingly turn to the internet to find that perfect gift. Mobile commerce jumped 44% during the 2016 holiday season according to Pinterest and growing year-over-year by an average of almost 30% across the 16 countries Facebook surveyed during that same time. With $102.94 Billion in expected revenue, identifying and targeting these users is key to a profitable holiday season; so how do you go about building a qualified targeting list?

Separating the Naughty and Nice Audiences

Customers on Facebook start the search in early October and interest peaks around New Year’s Eve.1 Pinterest users start researching ideas about 5 months out and are more receptive to new brands. With so many companies vying for the same customers, advertisers need to compile the right audience segments to fine-tune their targeting tactics.

Kinetic Reveal™ can provide a clearer picture of who a person is through the kind of content they consume on the open web. The device ID is captured to create a custom audience, which is then exported to run on any digital channel. With a typical user ID match rate of 70-80%, advertisers can use this data to build more precise audience segments and export them to their preferred social network.

We used Reveal’s capabilities to identify the latest trends in electronics. The top three most wanted electronic devices this year are mobile phones, with searches for Apple’s iPhone 8 topping the list at over 36 million impressions. Following in a distant second are the Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2. It remains to be seen if the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone X at a $999 price point will push customers toward more budget-friendly alternatives.

Retailers have to adopt an omnichannel approach to reach the right audiences at the right time in their customer journey. Smart marketers are pairing tools like Kinetic Reveal™ and Facebook interest targeting to disrupt the marketplace and funnel customers away from giants like Apple and Samsung.

1Facebook data, 7-day average Oct 1-January 15, 2016 (accessed April 2016). All US consumers aged 18+

Dive into holiday planning with the infographic below.