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Influencers Toast Success for CPG Beverage Brand


The Challenge

This CPG beverage brand sought to test the efficacy of its new influencer campaign by measuring brand recall and purchase intent. To find the right Micro Influencers on Instagram for this test campaign, they worked with Kinetic Social’s influencer partner, #HASHOFF.

The target audience for this six-week campaign included women aged 21-34, a group which was further broken out by a primary target of 21-24 year-olds, and a secondary audience of 25-34 year olds.

The Strategy

#HASHOFF selected three Instagram influencers to create authentic, engaging content that would resonate with the target group. The power of influencer marketing lies in word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendations, along with eye-catching creative. Brands can speak in the language of their core consumer by finding trusted influencers to work with.

Amplifying influencer content with a paid campaign extended the reach of these messages, for a strong impact. Each influencer provided three of their own pieces of creative, with a mix of photo, GIFs and Boomerangs. Bright colors and fashion-forward content worked well among this target group of young women.

Each of the three influencer campaigns was given an even allocation of campaign spend, and Facebook’s Reach and Frequency Tool was used to predict reach, frequency and cost. This tool indicates the CPM rate as well as the impressions and reach the campaign would receive while Facebook’s algorithms optimized towards the best-performing creative to optimize results. To measure the impact of this influencer campaign, two groups were created within the Instagram ecosystem: those who were shown the creative and those who were not exposed. Polls were conducted to ask both groups about purchase intent and ad recall.


The results of this campaign dramatically exceeded brand and industry benchmarks. Where the baseline benchmark for Ad Recall measurement is 9%, this campaign drew close to a 20% ad recall measure.

Purchase Intent rates also grew significantly, despite this being a persistent challenge for CPG brands. While a typical increase is 1X, this campaign saw an average of 5X purchase intent lift, with a 6x lift among the core target group. The client was blown away!

Across all influencer creatives, the best-performing creative was a 3-second Boomerang video, which garnered more than 5.5 million post engagements.

Given the success of this test, we recommend the brand continues to leverage the winning combination of influencer content and paid support to extend the reach of their message among target consumers.