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CPG Brand Finds Hidden Audiences With Kinetic Reveal Audience Data


The Challenge

This artisanal deli meat provider is always looking for ways to reach fresh audiences. With the new audience discovery data solution from Kinetic, this advertiser was able to enhance their social campaign to build retargeting pools. Like many CPG brands, the challenge was building those pools despite limitations of first-party data, to generate increased traffic to the website. Native tools only go so far, as they offer limited visibility into social user relevant behavior outside of the walled gardens.

As one of the first clients to work with Kinetic Reveal, this brand’s experience on Facebook was a test to build new audiences, targeting previously unreachable foodies and parents of all ages.

The Strategy

Reveal performance goes beyond the limitations of native tools and overcomes the degradation of audience quality as reach scales. Throughout the multi-week campaign, we tapped people searching on Display to augment Facebook’s existing audience targeting. The Reveal technology observes what people read and watch, categorizing content consumption 400,000 times per second to create proprietary audience profiles linked to a persistent mobile device ID, and drive qualified traffic, which becomes first party data. Our data optimized Display and Social capabilities to ensure the best-quality audiences were reached. Reveal users were especially qualified.

The interest buckets used to attract these demographics were “Easy” and “Healthy Recipes,” and Parenting based on Reveal’s data about what people search. To continuously meet audience objectives, our campaign team used Facebook Lead Ads, driving users from an image of a product-based meal to the sign up for the newsletter. Because Reveal data is in real time, the audiences tapped were most likely to respond to newsletter sign-ups. One creative was used in this campaign to maximize impact, with appetizing creative and a tagline to incentivize users. This approach helped the team drive a more streamlined performance with impactful results.

The Roundup


Engagement Rate




The benefits of increased real-time retargeting pools, enhanced reach and optimal targeting proved to be hugely valuable using Reveal. With just a 20% overlap with Facebook’s interest targets, a 50% increase in incremental reach, and a 60% match rate, we were able to reveal hidden audiences to achieve the brand’s goals. Armed with this information, the Engagement Rate for Reveal targeting was 30% greater than what we have seen in January and February as a whole, proving that the technology targets a more qualified audience. Furthermore, we saw a 31% improvement in CTR between Reveal’s Easy Recipes segment and Facebook’s Grocery interest targeting.

These exciting results are evolving into a quarterly scaling plan, and the client continues to work with Kinetic Social as we meet their needs.