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Leveraging Kinetic Reveal™, Sun-maid Exposed Hidden Audiences and Increased Unduplicated Reach, Making Interest Targeting More Effective

The Challenge

Sun-maid wanted to increase effective unduplicated reach in social media and improve ad recall in order to improve action rates.

The Strategy

Reveal’s proprietary signal identified audiences on Facebook that matched and augmented the native segments normally used. These custom audience segments were then analyzed for duplication and delivered 72% unduplicated reach versus the native segments. Reveal delivered hidden audiences other segment approaches missed.

Using both the Reveal and Facebook segments, our optimization specialists focused on the critical KPI’s of brand awareness and ad recall, leveraging the extended reach and improved results toward greater action rates.

The Roundup


Increased Ad Recall Rate


Increased Action Rate


Ad recall & action rates increased by 41% and 14%, respectively. Reveal complemented Facebook’s native targeting, and produced proven results that were not seen elsewhere in the marketplace.