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Linkedin: It’s a Match!

Linkedin has introduced Matched Audiences, a suite of three new targeting tools to connect with audiences: Website Retargeting, Contact Targeting, and Account Targeting. They are designed to combine Linkedin’s professional data with a marketer’s own access, to best reach new and existing audiences and deliver ROI. ROI and targeting? Sounds like a match, indeed.

The Matched Audience highlight syncs directly to Kinetic Social’s capabilities. Our own sophisticated targeting tactics can work well when paired with Linkedin’s 12 million company pages. And Linkedin’s new opportunities for growth aren’t just exciting, they’re proven. Pairing this ROI with Kinetic’s expertise, there is even more potential to make big moves.

We fleshed out Linkedin’s available options with some of Kinetic’s targeting tactics below:

Website Retargeting – Find Audiences
Re-engage website visitors with always-on nurture campaigns.
Create target audiences, with retargeting tactics on Linkedin using Sponsored Content. Linkedin clients attest to strong results, acquiring leads more cost effectively.

Contact Targeting – Reach Audiences
Reach decision makers at target companies for your account-based marketing programs, engaging both existing contacts and prospective audiences.
Linkedin allows easy upload of existing contact lists for imported data, to connect information sourced around the web and in the stores. This holds particular appeal for retailers, who are increasingly focused on bridging the gap between online and in-store sales.

Account Targeting – Match Audiences
Marketing to customer databases and automation platform contacts, including influencers.
Micro-influencers’ ability to sway wide-reaching audiences is a major asset to brands and marketers. By uploading existing company names, Linkedin ‘matches’ against their company pages. This pairing enhances the opportunity for returns.

The results of Linkedin’s latest technology already point to ROI. With more than 2000 active campaigns cited, using matched audiences has boasted a 30% CTR increase, 14% CPC decrease, and 32% increase in post-click conversion rates.

To learn more about finding the right fit for your brand, let’s talk.