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Snapchat Makes a Spectacle!

Snapchat Glasses

Snapchat has already made a spectacle of itself with its new sunglasses. These handy Snapchat Spectacles are priced at just $130, available for purchase on Spectacles.com with an expected mid-March arrival.

Because Spectacles were previously only available at vending machines which constantly changed location, buzz was at an all-time high. Resale prices responded by shooting up to $900 online. The original vendors, launched in November, still roam cities for the moment, but this online presence certainly makes the process a lot more accessible. TechCrunch suggests that the choice is intended to turn a profit, especially as Snap Inc readies for it’s IPO on March 2nd.

The IPO filing describes Snap Inc as a “camera company.” Industry buzz notes this strategic decision to sell hardware moves Snapchat beyond the realm of social media. The decision has drawn comparisons to GoPro, and places Snapchat’s brand closer to augmented reality as furthered by investments like Cimagine, an Israeli AR company. This has led to discussions around Snapchat’s ability to leverage its audience to generate revenue with hardware sales.

Using Snapchat Spectacles: Users will press the button just above your eye, and a white light flashes to signal it’s recording. Then, create Snap images and videos without reaching for your phone. Once the masterpiece has been completed, it can be edited and uploaded via mobile at your convenience. Recordings typically last 10 seconds, but can go up to 20 or 30 seconds by extending the settings.They are battery operated.

Similarly, ads can run up to 10 seconds. Kinetic Social recently partnered with Snapchat to help brands advertise on their platform.  We deduce that Spectacles can be used to make these ads too! Whatever the outcome of this exciting new product may be, it certainly looks pretty snappy.

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