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Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy that sparks conversation and meaningful interaction.

Work with a social media agency that lays out the foundation for a successful online presence. Kinetic Social propels you to greatness.

What if every social media user out there was just waiting to become your brand ambassador? And that all they needed was to be introduced to your awesome brand?

A well-built social media strategy gives casual social media users a reason to become passionate advocates. It tells them that your brand exists and that it is actively focused on communication. It is an invitation to connect – one that rises above the noise and shows a genuine desire to know what they want from your brand.

Brands that engage customers on social media get more loyalty. Every ad, update, share, and comment is an opportunity to convert.  

Impersonal service is a thing of the past. Today’s buyers want to know who they’re buying from. They want real conversations in real time. This is where Kinetic Social comes in. We fine tune your social media strategy to reflect your voice and personality.  


  • Clear goals and objectives. A social media strategy guided by actionable goals and objectives not only gets better results – it also lowers your spending. Maximise your resources and amplify your presence on social media with a strategy that allows you to track your campaign’s performance.   
  • Customer insight. What do customers really want? Social media engagement is a great way to find out. Social listening gives you valuable insight into your customers’ behaviours and interests. Use it to your advantage.
  • Customer loyalty. Brands that know how to engage customers on social media get more loyalty, which translates to repeat transactions. In a market where customers are spoilt for choice, securing their loyalty is as important as ever. We help you build loyalty through relevant content, meaningful interactions, and more.

Featured Solutions

  • Pre-campaign brand assessment. Preparation is the key to a successful social media campaign. We conduct a pre-campaign assessment to maximise effectiveness. Pre-testing helps predict customer response and behaviour. It also helps us determine if we should make changes or change the positioning of the campaign altogether.
  • Social research, competitive assessments, and sentiment analysis. Research-driven social media strategies are more likely to succeed. With so much noise in social media channels, sending your message aimlessly isn’t just wasteful. It can also be counter-productive and harmful to your brand. That’s why we ensure that your social media strategy is backed by data and insight.
  • Social media planning. A social media plan helps you secure quality content, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and ride on trending topics for maximum exposure. A carefully thought out plan usually includes a social media audit, a content strategy outline, and a social media calendar. It also includes clearly defined goals and objectives, a competitive analysis, and reliable methods for monitoring and analysis.
  • Social media targeting. This covers affinity mapping, recency, keywords, and look-a-like modelling and extension. Social media is a noisy place. The good news is that most networks offer a certain level of targeting and custom visibility. This creates more relevant experiences for users and increases engagement. This also helps you save time and maximise ROI.
  • Data enhanced segments. We break your data down into identifiable segments to better make sense of it and make it easier to digest. Data-driven social media strategies are more likely to succeed and strike a chord with your target audience.  
  • Post-marketing campaign evaluation. Learn how your target audience responded to your campaign and find out what worked, and what didn’t. We stack up the overall effectiveness of the campaign against the objectives. This gauges ROI and provides valuable insight that can be used for future campaigns.  

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