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Social Perspective

Snapping up the ad opportunities!

The secret’s out! Kinetic Social is pleased to announce that we are officially a Snapchat Partner!

“We’ve had more and more advertisers interested in reaching Snapchat’s unique audience,” says Kinetic Social CEO Matt Gilbert, “Given the initial success of the tests we’ve already run for some clients, we are excited to work with the Snapchat team to formalize the partnership, expand the program, and add to our deep expertise covering all leading social platforms.”

Here at Kinetic, we facilitate paid ads across a variety of platforms, and are eager to tap into Snapchat’s unique video capabilities and wide-reaching user base. This experience will help the advertisers we work with leverage Snapchat’s ad formats, which are vastly different from what is currently offered on other platforms. This addition will help us bring new value to clients with various campaign objectives that range from branding to engagement to direct response.

A recent Snap Ad campaign proved to be an excellent way to showcase video creative with an interactive, organic mobile experience. These Snap Ads max out at about 10 seconds, with an option to include an Attachment, which lets users swipe-up for more content.

This new partnership enables our strategic consulting practice to provide comprehensive guidance focused on maximizing return on ad spend across a larger ecosystem of activation partners. In addition, our proprietary KSP technology allows us to effectively target the right audiences with the best possible content in the most efficient manner. We can’t wait to take advantage of these opportunities for our clients on Snapchat!

Don’t forget to peek at Snapchat’s partners page to learn more. The news is featured in AdAge, too.