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A Social Media Strategy that Engages Your Audience and Creates Meaningful Interactions.

A well-built social media strategy gives casual social media users a reason to become passionate advocates. It tells them that your brand exists and that it is actively focused on communication.

It is an invitation to connect – one that rises above the noise and shows a genuine desire to know what they want from your brand. 

Social Media Strategy Goals

Brands that engage customers on social media get more loyalty. Every ad, update, share, and comment is an opportunity to convert.  

Clear Goals

A social media strategy guided by actionable goals and objectives not only gets better results – it also lowers your spending. Maximize your resources and amplify your presence on social media with a strategy that allows you to track your campaign’s performance.

Customer Insight

What do customers really want? Social media engagement is a great way to find out. Social listening gives you valuable insight into your customers’ behaviors and interests. Use it to your advantage.

Customer Loyalty

Brands that know how to engage customers on social media get more loyalty, which translates to repeat transactions. In a market where customers are spoilt for choice, securing their loyalty is as important as ever. We help you build loyalty through relevant content, meaningful interactions, and more.

Unleash Your Greatness

Social Media Strategy Services to Grow Your Business

What if every social media user out there was just waiting to become your brand ambassador? And that all they needed was to be introduced to your awesome brand?

Pre-campaign Brand Assessment

Preparation is the key to a successful social media campaign. We conduct a pre-campaign assessment to maximize effectiveness. Pre-testing helps predict customer response and behavior. It also helps us determine if we should make changes or change the positioning of the campaign altogether.

Sentiment Analysis

Research-driven social media strategies are more likely to succeed. With so much noise in social media channels, sending your message aimlessly isn’t just wasteful. It can also be counter-productive and harmful to your brand. That’s why we ensure that your social media strategy is backed by data and insight.

Social Media Planning

A social media plan helps you secure quality content, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and ride on trending topics for maximum exposure. A carefully thought out plan usually includes a social media audit, a content strategy outline, and a social media calendar. It also includes clearly defined goals and objectives, a competitive analysis, and reliable methods for monitoring and analysis.

Social Media Targeting

This covers affinity mapping, recency, keywords, and look-a-like modeling and extension. Social media is a noisy place. The good news is that most networks offer a certain level of targeting and custom visibility. This creates more relevant experiences for users and increases engagement. This also helps you save time and maximise ROI.

Data Enhanced Segments

We break your data down into identifiable segments to better make sense of it and make it easier to digest. Data-driven social media strategies are more likely to succeed and strike a chord with your target audience.

Campaign Evaluation

Learn how your target audience responded to your campaign and find out what worked, and what didn’t. We stack up the overall effectiveness of the campaign against the objectives. This gauges ROI and provides valuable insight that can be used for future campaigns.

Our social media campaign which included Facebook ads, Facebook applications and content creation, was able to drive the growth and engagement of our Facebook activity which helped us increase our new member sign ups by 30%.
B. Cooper

Direction and Purpose


Without a strategy, you run the risk of wasting precious resources on a social media campaign that doesn’t work, or worse – alienates your target audience. The longer you defer strategising, the more you lose in terms of timing and opportunity.

Your social media presence is a valuable asset that deserves a place in your overall marketing plan. Getting an experienced social media agency to design a social media marketing plan gives your campaigns precision and structure. It gives careful consideration to every aspect of your campaign, from profile image and individual posts, to each response to likes and comments.

Giving your campaigns a reason for existing will make content creation and sharing more efficient. It also allows your campaigns to make an impact, building brand awareness and attracting more prospects to your brand.

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Maximum Results with Brand Safety


When your social media campaigns are working at maximum efficiency, you can set your sights higher. With a social media agency like Kinetic Social at your sight, you can roll out bigger and more ambitious campaigns. Ones that make an impact and leave a profound mark on your industry.

It’s time you found out what your brand can truly achieve. Having a social media calendar ensures that you have an active presence, one that’s impossible to ignore. You won’t ever have to miss another event. You will be the event.

Amping up your social media with mind-blowing content guided by a data-driven, expertly engineered social media policy gives you limitless potential. Raising the stakes with your content means better engagement and stronger loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Posting content without a strategy in place isn’t just wasteful. It’s also counter-productive and potentially harmful to your brand. A social media strategy helps you create a formidable but organic online presence. It allows you to plan and schedule your posts, as well as maintain the kind of consistency that helps you retain and gain followers.   

With your posts and schedule sorted, you can save time and make sure that all your social media objectives are covered. Moreover, it lets you gain insight into your target audience – social media polls and open-ended questions encourage engagement, which in turn gives you a better grasp of their pain points. 

Social media is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. With billions of active users per month, social media networks are fertile grounds for lead generation, brand awareness, customer service, and customer loyalty. But social media users can’t be your customers unless they know you exist.

That’s why having an active social media presence, as well as an effective social media marketing plan, is crucial to the success of your business. Social media lets you demonstrate your authority, show brand authenticity, offer customer support, and encourage social engagement.

With the right social media agency on your side, you can maintain a strong and positive social media presence.

It all begins with clear goals and strategies. Whether you want increased brand awareness or more followers, we determine your objectives from the get-go. We learn everything we can about your target audience through research, audience personas, social listening, and real-world data. We learn about your competitors too, through competitive analysis.

Then we conduct a social media audit to find out how you’re doing, and if you don’t have a presence yet, we set up and optimize your accounts. We also create a social media calendar that determines when to post and share content.

Last but not least, we test, assess, and adjust your social media strategy as needed.

When organizing a social media calendar, we plan everything, from individual posts and entire social media campaigns, and come up with realistic scheduling workflows around it. We also use data to optimize your calendar.

First, we determine what kind of content we’ll be producing or sharing. After creating post copy, design, and visuals, we add all of the content to the calendar and schedule the posts.

Lastly, we measure the results. One way of doing this is by measuring referral traffic to the blog with Google Analytics. We send reports so that you know how exactly your posts and campaigns are performing on social media.

Your social media policy must have the following components:

Rules and regulations. This covers social media guidelines for proper employee conduct. For instance, many businesses discourage employees from using foul language and stating controversial opinions when posting about their brand.

It offers instructions on how to talk about the company and its products and services, and how employees should respond to negative posts about the brand, if at all. 

Roles and responsibilities. This section defines who is responsible for which social media tasks, including message approval, crisis response, customer service, social engagement, and social media monitoring, just to name a few.

Security threats. You must have social media guidelines on how to secure passwords, do authentication, update devices, identify attacks, and how to respond to attacks. 

Legal risks. This covers employee disclaimers, privacy, disclosure, and crediting sources.

Accountability. Instead of blaming and disowning employees who make mistakes, it is more important to first determine where accountability lies. 

If your business is just starting out, now’s the perfect time to create a social media policy. But even if you are an established brand, it’s never too late to draft one, particularly as you amp up your online presence.

When creating a social media policy, you must focus on two areas: 1) Policies for all of your business’ official account, and 2) Policies for employees.

There is certainly an overlap between these two areas, but they need separate details that will make them easier to follow.

When drafting social media guidelines, don’t hesitate to seek input from an experienced social media agency like Kinetic Social. You can also get input from your own employees to ensure that they all buy into it. And instead of focusing on the don’ts of using social media, give your employees the tool they need to maintain a positive and active online presence.

Not only does having a social media policy ensure consistency and alignment across different channels, it can also stave off legal issues, security threats, and PR disasters. It protects your brand and encourages employees to act responsibly when posting on your channels.

Sending the wrong tweet or sharing an image protected by copyright laws could land your brand in hot water. There are a lot of legal and security risks when using social media for business, and those risks are multiplied when you have several employees working across channels.

Moreover, a social media policy shares best practices when it comes to crisis response management, customer services, and social engagement – all of which are important aspects of your social media presence.

A social media policy offers guidelines as to how your employees may conduct themselves on various channels. But considering how quickly social media trends change, and how important spontaneity is when it comes to posting on social media, your social media policy has to be a living document.

It typically covers the following areas:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Accountability
  • Security risks
  • Potential legal risks

Your rules and regulations must change over time to accommodate the evolving social media landscape. It should also delineate roles and responsibilities to avoid confusion, as well as cover potential legal issues regarding copyright and giving credit to your sources.

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