Thinking About DIY Social Media Marketing? Why You Should Hire an Agency

Thinking About DIY Social Media Marketing? Why You Should Hire an Agency

Businesses want consumers to notice their product or services online. It’s significant to be on the right digital channels in order to achieve good metrics, that’s why small to medium-scale businesses are doing beyond their means in order to be noticed on social media.

But, here’s the thing. Before jumping into the social media mayhem, you have to ask the necessary questions and evaluate your business goals.

You’re probably wondering, will it be fine if you handle social media accounts all by yourself? Should you hire a social media agency? What good will it bring if you hire a social media marketing agency anyway? We’ll lend you a hand, so let’s weigh in.

Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

The golden digital age has led companies of all sizes to have an active digital presence, that’s why social media marketing agencies are just about anywhere.

You’ll come across several of these agencies focusing on almost the same marketing niche, yet they’re all trying to stand out from their competitors by leaving digital footprints just about anywhere as they possibly can.

Their ultimate promise: to fulfill their client’s social media needs in order for them to focus more on running their business.

If you think that social media agencies have it easy, you’re absolutely incorrect. These team of creative experts collaborate together in order to achieve the maximum objective of the client they’re handling.

As mentioned from Sprout Social, social media agencies have the following range of daily responsibilities:

  • Creating a monthly content plan for different clients from different industries
  • Always be updated on the latest industry news and trends
  • Engage online by interacting with users, replying to every comment and query
  • Scheduling and publishing social media posts, from time to time if necessary
  • Following up on emails, calls and social media conversations
  • Constantly coming up with brand new post ideas to gain higher engagement metrics

Their list of responsibilities might extend further, but with extensive years of experience, it’s no wonder why businesses find it a great investment to let an agency work on handling their social media accounts.

What’s Good About Social Media Agencies

More time running your business

The possibilities on how you can grow your business by establishing partnerships and setting long-term goals seem endless when you have all the time in your hands.

Letting an agency do most of the hard work for you instead of hiring some new employees a.k.a. having your in-house marketing team will save you more money.

Another reason for hiring an agency is because more businesses find it more expensive to hire new employees since they’ll have a full-time salary as compared to having a fixed monthly cost which agencies do.

Collaborative, creative and comprehensive

Social media agencies are used to hustling for different kinds of industries with one hand, all at the same time. Thanks to their extensive set of expertise and experience, there’s no need for you to train them because they know how to work their way around social media.

They’re always prepared to brainstorm with the team, generate new ideas, collaborate and make you understand what needs to be done in order to achieve the target objective and making the magic happen.

That’s why so many businesses trust them: because they know how to deal with what they’re expected to be good at.

Specific marketing strategy for your needs

Not only do they take care of your social media accounts. After all, what lies under an appealing social media is a long-term social media strategy that takes some time to establish, especially if you have a lot of catching up to do on the latest market, consumer and digital trends.

Agencies create customized and comprehensive social media marketing strategy who can help you scale up on your specific goals and grow your business.

DIY Social Media Marketing

Meanwhile, some small businesses still choose to manage everything in the end, from day-to-day business tasks to their social media accounts because it cuts major cost. Others go for building an in-house social media team or outsource work to an employee, whether on a contractual, project, or full-time basis.

Although it comes with an increased workload, DIY social media marketing works for some businesses.

What’s Good About DIY Social Media

Get to witness how it works

You get to see how everything starts from scratch. From ideation, coming up with a social media marketing strategy, designing creative layouts for your monthly content, publishing the posts and communicating with people by answering their comments, plus the ever-changing data of your Facebook Ad campaigns — it will all pass through your eyes.

DIY social media marketing is a very tedious responsibility for business owners, but it’s very rewarding once you get your way around the whole process.

Devote more time for social activities

One of the most boggling cons when DIY-ing your social media is that you need to spend way, way more time on your social media accounts more than anyone else. Why? Because being constantly active on social media matters.

You can’t expect your audience to become aware of business and learn to trust it when all they’ll see are basic information and generic posts while you expect to be recognized way more than your other competitors, most especially now that things are getting more rigid in the competitive landscape because of some social media platform’s algorithmic shifts for businesses promoting their products and services online.

You do everything all by yourself

While there are several social media marketing blogs that could help you step-up your DIY social media marketing game by giving a comprehensive guide on every online platform’s purpose on your marketing strategy, chances are, you are going to huddle thrice as much as a social media agency does.

You need to learn how each platform works and what type of content seems to work for each of them. It will take overwhelming hours for you to develop social media marketing skills if you’re handling everything all by yourself and it will take way more time to achieve the results that you want to see.

Unrealistic expectations

As Neil Patel explains, some businesses who come unprepared for doing social media all by themselves have resulted in less productivity, not having enough time and commitment on social media efforts and lack of interest in getting realistic results due to not setting appropriate key performance indicators (KPI) in order to meet their target return on investment (ROI).

It’s also unsurprisingly costly

Whereas you’ll be getting more from the price you pay when you hire a social media agency to do the work for you because they have the right tools and they planned ahead by having cost estimates on social media expenses, you’ll also be more likely to spend a lot when you DIY.

Publishing posts on socials might be free, but doing ad campaigns won’t and it’s guaranteed that you will spend a hefty sum of money just by allocating ad budget depending on your campaign’s objective.

Who Wins The Game?

Simply put, hiring a social media marketing agency does. You know why? By entrusting a dedicated social media agency to do the work for you, you’ll be able to have someone bring in newer and more valuable insights that can help create compelling campaigns and achieve real-driven results.

They’re surely more committed on creatively collaborating with brand marketers, just like Kinetic Social does.