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Video Streams In: Facebook Launches In-Stream Ads

FB In-Stream Video

More and more video options are hitting the social market. It’s a very exciting time for this cutting-edge technology, and the opportunities for advertisers just keep coming. Just recently, Facebook launched In-Stream video, reaching audiences with short video ads in native video, posted within the Facebook feed.

The placement can be determined using Ads Manager and Power Editor, and performance is reported separately. Facebook In-Stream can be used in new and existing campaigns, with automatic placements and simply checking an ‘In-Stream’ box.

The option comes in particularly handy for mobile systems, as it can be tailored to exactly the sort of viewing your customers tend towards. As video views are happening increasingly via mobile, these factors are only there to help.

Perhaps the most interesting factor, however, is Facebook’s exclusion control function. This aims to exclude ads from certain categories, which may be unsafe or off-brand, keeping the material as directed as possible.

Targeting the right ad to the right space is more important, and more feasible than ever. This option will surely help marketers optimize video content for great results, with innovative creative on mobile and desktop.

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