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Powering you to social greatness

We designed the Kinetic Social Platform to save you time and money, protect your sanity, and empower industry-leading performance. Our campaign managers use the very same social media software to serve the most sophisticated and demanding brands in the world — and they're also here to guide your team to greatness.


  • Cross-platform management and reporting
  • Transparent platform on market
  • Powerful, efficient platform allowing the average campaign managers to save 25% man-hours
  • Reliable, always-on with 99.99% uptime
  • Safeguards proactively prevent human error and costly mistakes
  • Multivariate technology generates and tests thousands of iterations to find and scale what works
  • Optimization and insights are based on audiences, not campaigns
  • Auto-generate and send reports while you sleep!
  • Anywhere, any time! Access our cloud-based social media platform with your desktop, laptop or iPad!


  • Cross-Platform Campaign Monitor: all your campaigns, across all social platforms, all in one place and in real-time
  • Audience Management: build, manage and extend your audiences
  • Social Asset Management: see all your creative in one place and monitor each one's performance
  • Multivariate Testing & Optimization: run thousands of experiments and optimize for each audience segment
  • Organic Promotion: when your organic videos and content are trending, automatically give them a boost
  • Consumer Insights Dash: highly graphic layout shows the audience insights from across your campaigns
  • Cross-Platform Reporting: flexible and customizable with a host of time-saving automated features

Check out our super human social technology for yourself