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Goodyear came to us wanting to launch a new beer brand across social media channels.

They’re objective was to build a campaign that launched the new brand through word of mouth styled social media marketing.

Goal: Launch New Brand.

To create a national campaign using social media that helped launch the new Coopers beer brand. Our key objectives were to build brand awareness amongst office workers in 5 key Australian cities while also creating a marketing database for continuous brand promotion throughout the launch.

Solution: Social Sharing Campaign.

We devised a strategy that involved designing and developing a custom competition application that utilised Facebook’s API to maximise results and add a bonus 30% of traffic using in-app viral social sharing and friend invitations. Driving a large amount of traffic to the Facebook application was achieved via an email marketing campaign and a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign. The Facebook advertising campaign was vital to the success of the competition by ensuring that we accurately reached our target audience within specific age groups, interests and geographic radiuses.

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